Exploring Our Identities as Leaders with #WomenEd

We all have different faces. The face we show at work is different from the face we show home. The face we show when we are with lovers and partners is different from the face we show when we’re with our children, or parents or friends.

If we’re lucky all those faces feel like a version of ourselves. They feel true and authentic. But sometimes we find ourselves wearing a version of ourselves that feels uncomfortable or untrue - perhaps to fit into a role, or to please other people, or even to keep ourselves safe.

That can be particularly true when we work in schools. We find a version of ourselves that works with the children and young people that works for them and feels right for us. Then when we move into leadership we look for a version of ourselves that fills the expectations of those roles but is still authentic.

This workshop was designed to give participants an opportunity to

Explore the different roles we inhabit

Celebrate our authentic and changing selves

Consider who we are as education leaders

While having fun and getting to know each other better.


We got creative. We made mess!

The conversation flowed easily. Having our focus on something creative allowed us to let our guard down and talk about things that really matter to us.

Who we are.

How we were raised.

How we were taught.

What we cared about in our schools.

What we wanted for our future.

The things that might stand in our way.

How we might move forward.

Helen’s mask-making workshop has been a highlight of my year so far. The space she provided for supportive discussion, sharing stories about our experiences as women in education was energising and transformative. It helped tap into my creativity and gain much- needed perspective on my professional and personal identities.
Just what I needed. Manipulating materials and talking in a safe space has been missing in my life for a long time. You created that space, provided the materials and facilitated reflection and meaningful sharing. Just brilliant! Our message to the world- never underestimate the power of the arts…… and the power of women!