Information. Awareness. Understanding.

I hour all-staff presentation including questions and discussion


What is menopause? What happens to our bodies as we go through perimenopause into post-menopause? What assumptions do we make about menopause? What are the specific challenges in schools? How can we address them? Why do so many of us find it hard to talk about menopause? How can we help each other talk about it?  How can we help ourselves? How can we support our colleagues? Are there ways in which the school can help?


Questions can be e-mailed in advance of the session and discussed anonymously if preferred.


A handout with key information and advice from the presentation will be provided to the school after the session. This can be customized to reflect the concerns of the staff present.


A recording of the presentation will be made available to members of staff for a term. 

Perimenopause Proof Your Life

Online course. Self-led. Approximately 30 hours of videos and activities.


S  Understanding the changes that happen to the body and brain in perimenopause and menopause and how they can impact on our lives and our work.

S  Exploring our options for medical treatment and for lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise and stress management.

S  Considering how menopause can challenge our relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues.

S  Planning for difficult conversations and making sure we get the support we need.

S  Looking at the specific problems of menopause in schools and how we can develop strategies that help us cope better  - and help our schools to help us.


Split into bite-sized chunks and accessed at your convenience. 
Licenses are available for schools, chains or clusters, but you can also enrol here if you prefer to self-fund. Discount available until October 31st 2023


To HRT or Not To HRT

Online course. Self-led. Approximately 2 hours of videos and activities.


S  Understand your choices around HRT

S  Find out about the different options

S  Weigh up the risks and benefits

S  Make the decision that's right for you. 

Sign up here - or contact me to arrange access for your school

Menopause Champion Training

1 hour self-taught online, 1 hour Face to Face or Zoom

From £150

Prepare for the role as menopause advocate within your school. Increase your understanding of what happens to the brain and body in menopause. Learn how to build all staff awareness of menopause and how to signpost people to further information and support. Improve your skills in having open and supportive conversations around difficult subjects and in advocating for those dealing with menopause in conversations with school leadership. Arm yourself with tips and tricks for solving the problems which perimenopause and menopause create in a school environment and ways to help people move forward with positivity.

Menopause Training for School Leaders. (1 hour)


This is delivered bespoke to fulfill the needs of the school. It is likely to cover topics such as:

S     How can we support out colleagues in perimenopause and menopause?

S     How do we handle conversations that might be sensitive or embarrassing?

S     What difference does the language we use make?

S     How might gender, race, culture, disability and other factors affect the experience of menopause?

S     What changes can be made on a whole school level?

S     What accommodations do school staff in menopause often ask for?

S     What’s the value of menopause champions, menopause buddies and menopause support groups?