Menopause in Schools – Audit to Action Plan


Explore how menopause and perimenopause affect your staff. Are there specific features of your school life which create – or mitigate – problems. Do your buildings or organisation of the school day add to the challenges? Are all staff, including managers, aware of menopause and comfortable with the kinds of conversations they might need to have. What adjustments are, or may need to be, provided. Are the various policies – menopause, wellbeing, sickness and absence, health and safety and equality – providing the support and information that your staff in perimenopause and menopause need? Is there a culture in the school that’s compassionate about menopause and respectful to those who might be struggling with menopause or do staff experience shaming, stigma or even bullying? How are other sensitive topics dealt with in school when they impact on staff as well as pupils?


Through a series of surveys, one to one and group discussions and an invitation for individuals to contact me directly via email, information will be amassed to build a picture of the experience of menopause staff which is delivered to you as a report.


There will then be a series of recommendations to be discussed and an action plan for menopause in your school delivered to you.


This process draws from the recently released BSI standard - BS 30416 Menstrual and Menopausal Health in the Workplace

Menopause Policy Mentoring 


 A one hour one to one session for a nominated member of staff or group of staff to work through options, priorities and practicalities to enable you to create your own policy from a template. Support by email and text as you write your policy and a further session to evaluate the policy you've written and to think about how to share it and make it work within your school.