10 Reasons we Need to Talk about Menopause

Sometimes I feel as if everyone is talking about peri/menopause. Then I realise that's my experience because I talk about perimenopause and menopause all the time! In fact many of the people I speak to have never had those conversations before. And it's important that we all get in the habit of talking about it.

  1. When we talk about menopause we break the taboo. We lessen our own feelings of shame and embarrassment and those of others.

  2. When treat menopause as a normal, everyday part of life, we send out the message that it is a normal everyday part of life.

  3. When we do open up, we often get a nice surprise. People are supportive. People care. Sometimes people have great advice (sometimes it isn't that great, but there's still a good intention behind it!)

  4. When we don't talk about menopause those feelings of loneliness and isolation can make us focus even more on the symptoms that are bothering us, and that makes them feel worse.

  5. A lot of menopause symptoms - hot flushes, insomnia, mood swings, memory problems - are happening in our brains. Our brains do better when they're not stressed and loneliness and isolation are big stressors.

  6. By talking about it we are helping others who might be struggling with it and feeling alone and isolated.

  7. If we don't talk about it at work then our employees won't be able to put adjustments in place that help us do our jobs.

  8. If we don't talk about it to our family and friends they may not understand what's going on and won't be able to support us.

  9. Having enjoyable, supportive conversations with people who share our experience creates some really helpful brain chemistry!

  10. Everyone who adds their voice to the conversation about menopause makes a small change to how menopause is treated in our society. The more voices there are the more likely it is to result in real, lasting change to the choices available to those experiencing menopause.