Map Your Perimenopausal Year

Draw a winding road along an A4 piece of paper. (It's winding because perimenopause winds and because you fit more road on your paper!) The beginning is 6 months ago and the end is 6 months from now and today is in the middle. Divide the road into months - it doesn't have to be even. Mark on the key milestones you've experienced in the last 6 months that relate to your health and wellbeing in menopause. Mark on the next six months the things you intend to do to support you on that journey. Only mark on the things that you are able to do - not the things you hope will happen that you don't have control over. 


Here's mine. You can see that one of my main issues at the moment is injuries (which happen more easily in both perimenopause and post-menopause) and dealing with chronic pain - which can also be affected by menopause and also that I'm still having weird bleeding issues that are being investigated. I can't know or control what happens with those - so my only goal is to keep monitoring them. 

I've made this on watercolour paper, drafted it in soft pencil, gone over it in a fine, waterproof pen, rubbed it out and then decorated it with water colour pencils, smudging it with my wet finger.

But you will have your own preferred method and medium and honestly, it doesn't have to be fancy!